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First stage of Ukrainian Cup "Kremenchug Sea Cup 2020" took place on 2-6 of July 2020 in Cherkassy. 16 competitors from Cherkassy, Odessa, Mykolayiv and Kyiv took part.
Team ranking: І place - Cherkassy region "OO TSOU"; ІІ place - Cherkassy region  - "CDUT Cherkassy": ІІІ place - Odessa team.
INdividual rankings: Andrii Kadantsev - 1st places in classes F5-10 and F5-Е, Nechayev Igor -І place in class F5-P, III places in classes F5-10 and F5-Е, Koval Dmytro - ІІ place in class F5-P, Koval Andrii - ІІ place in class F5-Е and ІІІ place in class F5-P, Nechayev Oleg - ІІ place in class F5-10,
Junior first places in all classes were gained by Nechayev Denys. Kotenko Denys - ІІ place in F5-P class and ІІ place in F5-Е class, Pavelko Oleksandr - ІІ place in F5-Е class, Bystryi Dmytro - ІІІ place in class F5-P.