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On 11-14th of October Ukrainian Nationals in radiosailing 2019 took place in Odessa at the Black Sea sailing club harbour.

First day was F5-10 class racing with light wind.  

And the results were as follows:


1 racing day at Facebook


Second day there were races in F5-M/Marblehead class. The wind was shift but blew more than in first day.



At first, there were 5 races for juniors under Pan-Ukrainian school youth championship. 

The results were as follows:

Then, there were 8 races within UA Nationals program. The results were as follows:



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13th of October there was F5-E / IOM class racing day at UA Nationals.


At first there were 5 races for juniors within Pan-Ukrainian school Youth championship.


 And then 10 races within UA nationals.


The weather was similar to yesterday. The wind was shifty and changed its force in whole range of rig A. Races were tight, interesting and low predictable. 


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14th of October there was final racing day. 5 races were held in F5-P class and then 5 races for seniors in Dragon Force 65 class (with changing the boats each race) and 5 races for juniors. 



Results were as follows:



Congratulations to Cherkassy region team that won team ranking!!

4 racing day at Facebook