Odessa radiosailing Cup 2019, II stage of Ukrainian Cup, Sergeevka

by Timur Kishubaiev
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10-12 of May 2019, in Sergeevka, resort village in Odessa region, the traditional 6th Odessa Radiosailing Cup competitions took part. This time it was 2nd stage of Ukrainian Cup series. 

10th of May there were races in Dragon Force 65 and F5-P classes. Strong wind of art 6 m/s and waves brought some challenge for the small boats with only one A rig. However, we succeeded to make 5 races in each class and even make some non-official double-handed competition with exchange of boats in each race.



And the results were as follows:

Day 1 at Facebook


11.05.2019 the races were held in F5-E/IOM class. It rained all the morning, and only after one o'clock we could start our races. However, we succeeded to make 7 races with upper range of A rig conditions.


And the results are as follows:


Day 2 at Facebook


12.05.19 Sunny day, light wind and we sailed F5-M class. Sometimes we had small weed on our long fins, sometimes our fins touched the ground. However, the main racing has been fair and correct, and the results are as follows:

Congratulations to winners and thanks a lot to hosting party - recreation complex "Liman", Madonych Shipping Company and personally to Vyacheslav Madonych for great support of our event.



Day 3 at Facebook

Photos of the event

Videos of the event