Kremenchug Sea Cup 2019. I stage of Ukrainian Cup 2019. Cherkassy

by Timur Kishubaiev
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First Ukrainian competition in this season Kremenchug Sea Cup (I stage of Ukrainian Cup series) took place on 3-5th of May in Cherkassy.

3rd of May the races were held in F5-10 class.

There were 11 participants  - 8 seniors and 3 juniors. Conditions from light to no wind and we seeked for it at both racing areas from time to time.

Final results are as follows:


1st day at Facebook


4th of May there were races of F5-E class - the more popular at these competitions. 


13 competitors Took part - 10 seniors and 3 juniors. Light to no wind, and sometimes it rained. The main time we waited for the wind or for the end of thunderstorm. At the end of the day we had only 3 races and planned to continue tomorrow, but at this time the wind came and we finished with 5 races held in overall. Full results are as follows:


2nd day at Facebook


5th of May F5-P class races were held. 


The wind was strong, but the direction was wrong. That's why the course was not correct and at the first and Second Mark there were too many boats and therefore - contacts. We managed to have 10 races with 2 discards. Full results are as follows:


3rd day at Facebook


Team ranking have been won by Odessa region team.

Full team ranking:

1. Odessa region - 7 points

2. OO TSOU Cherkassy region - 7 points

3. CDUT, Cherkassy - 13 points

4. Mariupol - 57 points

5. Kyiv - 62 points


Photo and video of competition