Pichlingersee Regatta 2019

by Timur Kishubaiev
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This year's Pichlingersee regatta took place on 7-14 of April 2019 in 5 classes: DF 65, Mini 40, F5-10/Tenrater, F5E/IOM and F5-M/Marblehead.

Ukrainian team of 2 sailors - Timur Kishubaiev and Stasis Kulikov took part in Marblehead class races scheduled for 13-14 of April. 28 competitors took part in this class and they competed by MSS system in 2 heats.

First day the wind was blowing stable in lower range of A rig. There was a small amount of weed that spoiled some performance almost to all competitors. At the end of the day after 8 full races, only Naviga World champion Jan Springer could feel safe for the podium having 9,7 points gap to me, being second, and 15 points to the 4th position.

In second day, due to wind direction shift, the racing was moved to another part of lake, where I never sailed before. Probably because of this new area and unpredictable wind shifts, I have made few mistakes. In final race I had to come 2nd to be 2nd in overall. I even was 1st at the last mark, but wind shifts and my small mistakes in controlling opponents lead me to 3rd position in this race and in overall.

However, it was a big pleasure to me to compete in such a warm and friendly atmosphere. The racing was perfectly correct, very tight and enjoyable. Opponents were very strong and didn't forgive any small mistake.  

So the final results became as follows:


Congratulation to winners! And many thanks to HSV Linz/ZV Ennsdorf for organizing such a legendary event.


Some photos from organizers at Facebook

First day at Facebook

Second day at Facebook

Racing videos