Attersee regatta 2018

by Timur Kishubaiev
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Attersee lake regatta is one of the oldest in Austria. This year it was held by HSV Linz/zv Ennsdorf club on 13-16 of September 2018. 

Two Ukrainian competitors took part in this regatta.

13.09.18 5 races were held in F5-10 class with light wind and a bit of weed.

9 competitors from 3 countries. And final results are as follows:


Good 3rd and 4th positions held by our skippers. Congratulations! 


14.09.18 there were races in F5-M class. 

There was more wind this day and some rain. 9 competitors took part and the results are as follows:

A strong win by our skipper Andriy Kadantsev! Congratulations!


15-16 of September F5-E class races were held.

Light wind. 27 participants. 2 Heats MSS system. First day 6 full races held, second day - 4 races more. Total 10 races with 2 discards. Very tight and interesting competition at the top. And the results are as follows:


Day 3 at Facebook

Day 4 at Facebook