Ukrainian Nationals (section S) 2018, Cherkassy

by Timur Kishubaiev
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28.06-01.07.2018 Ukrainian nationals in section S classes Took place in Cherkassy, Entertainment center 'Bochka'

First Day the races were held in F5-10 class. There were 12 participants - 8 seniors and 4 juniors.

The Wind was quite strong, almost all was with B rig on. There was plenty of weed that often had influence on racing results. Thats why racing was complex and sometime inpredictable.

Full results are as follows:

Photos of first racing day

First racing day on Facebook


Second racing day there was class F5-M. This time juniors races within Ukrainian scolar competitions were held in the morning. 

In scolar competitions 8 competitors took part. The wind was very light. 5 races with one discard were planned and held.


Kseniia have won relatively easy firs 4 races, and for 5th race had a rest before nex UA nationals competition. Full results of solar competition in F5-M class:


After lunchbrake, UA nationals in F5-M class were held. 13 competitors - 7 seniors and 6 juniors took part. The Wind continue to be within A rig.

7 races held. The weed continued its influence on races. And the final results were as follows:


Photos of the Second racing day

Second racing day on Facebook 


Third racing day - F5-P class racing.

In the morning, juniors had their Ukrainian scolar competitions. 13 Young competitors took part.


 5 races were held. Kseniia had a wet receiver issue and missed 5th race and thus the podium. Finally, all three prizes went to Cherkassy in this class. Congratulation to winners! Final results as follows:


Then, 6 races in 2 heats by HMS System were held in UA nationals competition. 23 participants - 12 seniors and 11 juniors took part. Very tight and interesting racing. The Wind was with General direction from the Shore and that's why it shifted a lot. Only the last race made clear the winners trio. But in fact not very clear - two persons with 11 points and two with 14 points in overall)). 

Odessa Team had more luck in this class. Me and Illia had equally 11 points, and only the discarded race was different and I won. Igor Nechaiev and Dmytro Koval both from Cherkassy had equally 14 points, and only due to 2 race wins, Igor Nechaiev became third. Full results as follows:


Photos of the third racing day

Third racing day on Facebook


 Last day, F5-E class races were held. In the morning, as usual, 5 races of scolar competitions were held.

There were 9 participants. The Wind was strong enough and almost all was with B rig on. Kseniia made fine 4 races and had a rest for the fifth as nobody could reach her. Full results were as follows:


Then 20 competitors competed in 2 heats by HMS system in UA nationals.

The wind changed it speed. We changed rigs man times. Andrii Kadantsev from Cherkassy stayed more with A rig, and this tactic in addition to fine brand new boat Fractal2 and personal skills, lead iim too the next Champion title. Kseniia had also fine result, finishing all races in A fleet and becoming juniors Champion in this class. Final results are as follows:

First time in a history, and after more than 30 years of Cherkassy team gegemony, Odessa radiosailing team has won UA nationals. All the medals of Championship were divided between these two teams. The gold was earned equally - 4 medals by each team. Odessa earned 6 silver and 2 bronze medals. And Cherkassy - correspondingly 2 silver and 6 bronze medals. Third place in team ranking has been won by Donetsk region team.

Photos of last racing day

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