Pichlingersee Regatta 2018

by Timur Kishubaiev
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Traditionally in April, Manfred Wolfinger and his brave team of HSV Linz/ ZV Ennsdorf are a welcoming host of Pichlingersee regatta, the most attended in Eastern Europe. This time regatta started on 15th of April by DragonForce 65 class racing day. It was also the first National Austrian Championship in this class, so the number of participants was higher than year before. 14 competitors from Austria, Ukraine and Netherlands took part. 12 seniors and 2 juniors.


The wind started as low, but then quickly get to the upper range of A rig.  I started bad, having weed in 3 races of 4. Then I also changed to stronger 50 mcm film A rig and the things become better. However, Eric Gielen (AUT 33), was very good this day and I didn't manage to overcome him. So, final results are as follows:


Photo of day 1

Racing day at Facebook


Second day was racing in Mini40 multihull class. Unfortunately, only 2 competitors took part and Eric Gielen (AUT 33) made another gold in a battle against Hauer Werner (AUT 152). 


17-18.04.18 were races in Tenrater class. 12 participants from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine. Light wind and 15 races held (12 in first day and 3 in second)

I was stable at the top of the fleet with 6 wins and 9 points gap to the second position Manfred Wolfinger. 

Final results are as follows:


First Tenrater racing day at Facebook 

More First Tenrater racing day at Facebook

Second Tenrater racing day at Facebook

More Second Tenrater racing day at Facebook


19-20.04.18 were the most popular days at Pichingersee regatta as F5-E/IOM class races were held. 42 competitors from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine were divided onto 3 heats managed by MSS system.


Good wind, all the time within A rig. A lot of tricky shiftings and very tight concurrence. 12 full races held. Intrigue was present until the very last race. And the results are  as follows:


 IOM class races at Facebook

 Video by Ales Pokorny


Last days of regatta - 21-22.04.18 - races in Marblehead class were held. The most attended stage of Europa Cup series  was visited by 31 competitors from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland and Ukraine. They competed in 2 heats by MSS system.


First day the wind was light and 6 full races were completed. There was a tight battle at the top of fleets between 4 competitors. Each race weighed a lot. The second day there was no wind and no more races, so first day results become final:


Photos and videos of the whole regatta


Thanks for organizers and all competitors for a wonderful fest of radiosailing!