Bulgaria nationals (final) and international regatta 2017

by Timur Kishubaiev
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1-3.09.17 at the beautiful lake Batak in the middle of Bulgaria, Bulgaria nationals finals took part in 3 classes for seniors: F5-M, F5-E and F5-10 and separately one class for juniors: F5-E. It was also interesting that together with section S classes there was a competition of section M classes, so the full event attracted more people and when there is no wind, it is ideal conditions for section M classes racing.


First day was F5-M class. The wind started with B rig, the changed to A. I played a bit with changing rigs, and that's why one race I was too late at the starting line. Kseniia was all the time with B rig. Dimitar Davidkov with Graham Bantock boat (probably Prime Number) made us a strong concurrence in every race. The results are as follows:


Second day started with light wind and juniors F5-E class. Kseniia sailed well and won these races in a tight competition.


Then, after lunch brake, the wind became stable in the middle -upper range of A rig and seniors raced in F5-E class. After some races, Kseniia had issues with radio control and decided not to race more today. I had tight tactical racing with Dimitar Davidkov and sometimes during our duel we lost other good sailors. Final results in this class are as follows:


The last day, there were races of F5-10 class. Light wind. Only me and Kseniia had full size Tenrater boats and this predicted our win in this class. Only 4 races held before the storm started and racing was interrupted. The results are as follows:


 It was a fine event with warm atmosphere and good people. Thanks a lot to organizers, especially Dimitar Ganchev, the Chairman of Model Yacht club Pazardzhik. And also many thanks to all participants, especially to Dimitar Davidkov for tight and fair competition.

Photos of the event

Photos by Model Yacht Club Pazardzhik