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29th of June - 2 of July UA nationals took place in Cherkassy at Bochka complex.

First day F5-10 class races took place. 17 participants, 10 seniors and 7 juniors.

We started with A rig, then before lunch brake changed to B rig. Nice, tight racing.

Winners in this class:


1st Timur Kishubaiev UKR 34, Odessa

2nd Andrii Kadantsev UKR 42, Cherkassy

3rd Igor Nechaiev UKR 33, Cherkassy


1st Kseniia Kishubaieva UKR 38, Odessa

2nd Denys Nechaiev UKR 130, Cherkassy

3rd Iegor Maksymchuk UKR 138, Odessa

Full results

Photos of the day 1

Race day on Facebook by Andrii Koval


30th of June. Second day of the championship and the class is F5-M.

14 participants - 8 seniors and 6 juniors

The wind blew from the shore and thus was very tricky and mainly light.

Very tight fight for the first position between Illia Sharaburov and Andrii Kadantsev that shared equal points at the end, but Andrii had one more win.  

Final results:


Photos of day 2

Race day on Facebook by Andrii Koval


1st of July. F5-E class. 19 competitors - 10 seniors and 9 juniors. The wind also blew from the shore, but this time it was stronger up to B rig. It turned around all 360 degrees. It was hard to predict it not only for juniors, but for leaders too. 


 The results were as follows:

Racing day on Facebook by Andrii Koval


2nd July. The last day of the competitions. F5-P class. 18 competitors - 7 seniors and 11 juniors. Light wind conditions, sometime from the shore. 

Peter Nechaiev, the founder of this class, was unbeatable this time. 

Final results:

Photos of day 4

Racing day on Facebook by Andrii Koval

Video of regatta