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This year the famous Pichlingersee regatta took place on 3-9.04.2017. There were one day of Dragon Force 65/ Mini 40 classes racing and then two days for each Tenrater, F5-E/IOM and Marblehead classes.

This time only 2 Ukrainians came to compete - Timur Kishubaiev and Stasis Kulikov, both from Odessa.

First day there was light wind, sometimes no wind. 8 Dragon force 65 and 3 Mini-40 boats were participating. In Dragon Force 65 class 6 races were held. There was a tough fight for 1st place with Eric Gielen, but I won. Stasis had his first experience in International event after a lot of years and thus had to learn a lot, especially in these tricky light wind conditions.



So Dragon Force 65 class results are as follows:


Second and third day there were F5-10 class races held.

13 competitors from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine competed in one heat. 15 races held in light wind conditions with 3 discards.


Results are as follows:

Congratulation to winners!



6-7 of April F5-E/IOM class races were held. The most popular class attracted 46 competitors from 8 countries that competed in mainly strong wind conditions in 3 heats using MSS heat management.


10 races held, 5 in first day and 5 in second. Strong wind from top A to top B rig in both days. 2 discards and very tight results:

 Congratulation to winners!



Last days of regatta 8-9 of April there was Europe Cup competition in Marblehead class.

27 competitors from 9 countries raced in 2 heats by MSS system. First day started with top A rig - B rig conditions, but then the wind slowed down. Second day A rig conditions prevailed.


I had new boat from Martin Vano after a collision with my old one and had to adjust it for my racing style. Some weed and improvement process didn't let me to make a podium, but finally I was glad of boat performance and took stable 4 place:


 Csoka Laszlo Junior wa out of concurrence. Pavel Novotny with his new boat in last races overcame Ivan Ermakov, who showed stable high results throughout all regatta. Congratulations to winners!


Though I had no podium in all 3 main classes, the stable high results lead to 3rd position in overall combination of them: