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This year for the first time one of the regattas of Europe Cup series was held in Ukraine. It was in Bukovel on 8-9 of October. 


The forecast was cold weather and snow, and maybe it scared some competitors and they didn't come. However, in fact there was a comfortable weather, mainly sunny, and all those who have come, enjoyed well this event. 

10 competitors from Austria and Ukraine took part. The wind was light and shifty. First day we held 8 races. The battle was very tight between austrian and ukrainian leaders. Manfred Wolfinger with his new boat Quark dominated in downwinds, but when the wind became near to zero, Scalpels accelerated better than swing rig in upwinds. So, after first day, standings were as follows:


Next day we had 3 more races in Marblehead class. Austrian team improved their results, so finally the results became as follows:

My 2nd place let me have good points in overall Europa Cup 2016 score table, and I saved my 1st place in overall. For the first time Ukrainian sportsman wins this prestige competition.

Manfred Wolfinger takes 2nd position in overall, 

Gerald Oberreiter - 3rd.

Full scoring table for Europa Cup 2016 is available here

 After lunch brake we had match-races in Dragon Force 65 class. 

Here Austrian team was on the top, taking all the podium:

1. Manfred Wolfinger

2. Gerald Oberreiter

3. Silvio Schedenig

Igor Denisyuk from Pereyaslav-Khmelnitskiy was the only one junior at these competitions, but he showed good skills competing to seniors in both classes and his 1st place junior prize has been earned by good job!

The event atmosphere was warm and friendly. We thank very much to Bukovel resort, providing us with the venue and their great support.

Photos and videos of the event