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For the first time our sportsmen took part in a top ranking IRSA event.

IRSA Tenrater worlds were organized first time in this millennium. Last IRSA worlds in this class was held in 1999 in Singapore. 

Our team consisted of 3 leading skippers in this class - Andrii Kadantsev (UKR 242), Timur Kishubaiev (UKR 134) and Andrii Koval (UKR 35). All three had Janusz Walicki's boat Partner, but some small modifications had to be done with the boats to comply with IRSA rules. 

3 days from 1 to 3 of October, in a quickly changing conditions from A to top C rig, but mainly with the waves, we tried to compete with the best skilled world sailors. It was really harder than our usual competitions in this class. Only when the wind was lighter and the waves were smaller our boats had some advantage and we could be at the top of the fleet. However, if you fall down to bottom fleet for some reason, it is really hard to return back, because the skippers are quite good in every fleet from A to C and sometime it is harder to be between first 6 in C fleet, than to be between first 6 in B fleet. In A fleet the concurrence was so tight, that every small mistake can bring you instantly from top to the bottom of the fleet. In these conditions, we had lack of experience, often touching marks and making some pity mistakes.

However, it was a big experience for us. Andrey Kadantsev was the more lucky of us, by ending 7 last races in fleet A. His overall place was 22. I had only one really good race - the first seeding, where I came 4th and appeared the 2nd race in fleet A for the first and last time)). Then I was mainly in B fleet, sometimes falling down to C. Overall position 32. Andrei Koval was mainly in C fleet, by finishing in overall at 42 place from total 47 competitors.