Regatta in Orfu 2016

by Timur Kishubaiev
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26-28th of August traditional radiosailing regatta in F5-E/IOM and Marblehead classes took place in Orfu, Hungary. 

First day F5-E/IOM races were held by 33 competitors from Hungary, Austria, Slovakia and Ukraine. They competed in 2 heats by HMS system with 4 boats promoted. Wind was light, shifty and quite unpredictable. 5 races were held with one discard. 

Photos of 1st day 

Photos of 1st day by Wéber Viktor

Photos of first day by Kálmándy Ferenc

I sailed my Fractal 2 always in fleet A, some times had chances to be between first 3 boats, but missed them. Kseniia sailed her Britpop and almost always (except after 2 race) stayed in fleet A. I think this is a very good result for her.

And the final results of this class are following:

Congratulation to winners!


Second and third days were races in Marblehead class as 5th stage of Europe Cup 2016. The wind was mainly light, third day - a bit stronger. 22 competitors from Hungary, Austria, Slovakia and Ukraine were divided onto 2 heats and competed by HMS system with 4 boats promoted. 

Photos of day 2

Photos of day 2 by Kálmándy Ferenc

 I tried new fin with lightweight bulb of 3 kg and was a bit disappointed on boat performance. First day with lighter wind I was able to be somewhere near Laszlo, however second day for me started awfully and only in the last race I won fleet B and was very near to win fleet A. Finally, third place seemed not so bad, especially when we will see total Europa Cup ranking after this event.

Final results are following:

Congratulation to winners, especially Laszlo! He was out of concurrence.


Photos of day 3

Photos of day 3 by Kálmándy Ferenc

Videos of the regatta