Marianske Lazne 2016 regatta

by Timur Kishubaiev
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3-5 of June Kolin sailing club is organizing in Marianske Lazne an international regatta in two classes.





3.06 races in F5-E/IOM class were held. 11 participants from Czech republic, Austria, Poland and Ukraine took part. Despite  small quantity of fleet, its quality was at the high level.

Low tricky wind was not the best for my Fractal2. Despite better speed with new fin, it looses speed quick while turning due to its middle hull shine. With more stable wind conditions, I think it will show better results.

So, final results are as follows:

Congratulation to winners!


Next days - 04 and 05.06 were F5-M class races as 4th stage of Europa Cup 2016.

13 competitors from Czech republic, Austria, Germany, Poland and Ukraine took part. 

The wind mainly was very light and tricky. Sometimes it changed to opposite direction and back during one race. My Skalpel performed better from race to race and I was ready for these conditions. However, Pavel Novotny with his fine tuned and swing rigged with sails of walicki size and walicki profiled mast "Little monster" boat was the fastest and won competitions with big handicap.

Martin Kohlicek was also on top during first day and we ended it both with 11 points sharing 2-3 place. Unfortunately, during second day Martin didn't compete as he felt sick. Hope he is better now. Gerald Oberreiter was sailing quite well by winning 2 races and finished 3rd in overall. Manfred Wolfinger AUT 09 and Ales Pokorny CZE 61 made a strong concurrence to leaders almost in every race and finished 5th and 6th accordingly.

Final results:

Congratulation to winners and thanks to all organizers and competitors for fineand friendly event in a beautiful place of Regent Sailing Club near Marianske Lazne!


 And the Europa Cup ranking now is looking like this.