Europe Cup Taching regatta 2016

by Timur Kishubaiev
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During 14-15 of May weekend traditional Taching Europe Cup regatta was organised by Munich model yacht club. 12 competitors from Germany, Austria and Ukraine competed in one heat.

Photos and videos from regatta

First day started with rain. The forecast was also very rainy. However, in the middle of the day the sun appeared and succeeded to bronze everyone's face till the end of racing day.

The wind was shifty by direction and force. From none to upper range of A rig, sometimes with nose diving.

15 races were held and after 1st day standings were following:



2nd day the weather was mainly sunny and windy. Sometimes it rained a bit. Almost all the day everybody sailed B rig, but few times A rig could be better and those who changed it quickly gained some profit.

 This day 10 races were performed till 15 o'clock and we have the following final results:

First 6 skippers didn't change their position after first day. Me also, I even managed to take 6 wins in today's 10 races with one second and three third places. In total - 17 wins in 25 races. Very good result in a company of such experienced competitors. Congratulations to Manfred with 2nd place and Valentin with 3rd. All other skippers also didn't let leaders to breathe free and the concurrence in each race was very tight and situation changed quickly during the race.

Thanks a lot to organisers - Modell Jacht Club Munich that made this fine event and let us feel their hospitality and friendship.