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14.05.17 Final day in F5-M class and overall championship.

Rig A conditions. 

In race 9 I finally won fleet A fighting till last meters with Jan Springer. Andrii Kadantsev came 6th and Dmytro Koval 9th. After this race I became 2nd with 35 points, Andrii Kadantsev - 5th with 43 points, Dmytro Koval overtook former World Champion from Germany Bernhard Graubmann (GER 17) and shared with him 19-20 place with 132 points.

The wind calmed down and it seemed that 10th race will be the last one. In this race in first upwind I came too far on port and due to unfavorable wind change was at the end of the fleet in the first mark. I recovered some positions, but not too much, ending 11th. Laszlo Czoka won this race, Jan Springer was second. Andrii Kadantsev finished 8th. Chinese sportsmen mainly improved their results comparing to him in last race and due to second discard, he lost 2 positions in overall. Dmytro Koval came right after me at 12th position and improved to 19th place in overall.

So finally in a very strong concurrence Jan Springer returned his World Champion title in this class, Csoka Laszlo won his second silver on this Championship and was the one who won A fleet 4 times - more than anybody else. I received my second bronze at this Championship and was very glad of this result counting the strength of the rivals and tight unpredictable fight till the last race.


Photos of day 14 by Kalmandy Ferenc 

Photos of F5-M Class