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07.05.17 Races in the most popular class F5-E have been started. 68 competitors (55 seniors and 13 juniors) were divided onto 4 heats. The HMS system with 4 bots promoted in the same race was applied.

In this class Ukraine was represented by Andrii Koval (UKR 37), Igor Nechaiev (UKR 32), Andrii Kadantsev (UKR 42), Timur Kishubaiev (UKR 34), Dmytro Koval (UKR 87), and juniors- Denys Nechaiev (UKR 33) and Ihor Denysiuk (UKR 39).


This day the wind was light. only full race 1 and D and C heats of race 2 were held. After 1st seeding race Timur Kishubaiev and Andrii Kadantsev went to fleet B, Andrii and Dmytro Koval - to fleet C, Igor Nechaiev and our juniors - to fleet D.


Photos of day 7 by

Photos of day 7