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05.05.17. Last day of F5-10 class races. The day started with Heat A of race 6. In a tricky wind conditions and tight competition, Timur Kishubaiev succeeded to regain necessary 3 points from Kirill Kurin and due to best 2nd place in 5th race took 3rd position in overall. Then the heavy rain and after that no-wind situation didn't let to make another round. 

So, finally, after 6 full races with 1 discard Gong QunXing (CHN 98) became a world champion. Csoka Laszlo-junior (HUN 23) at the second position. Third Timur Kishubaiev (UKR 34), 4th Kirill Kurin (RUS 83), 5th Xuan Dongbo (CHN 02),  6th Jens Amanda (GER 124).   Andrii Kadantsev (UKR 242) was 9th, Andrii Koval (UKR 35) - 17th.


Juniors standings: 1. Zhicheng Jin (CHN 37), 2. Misiakov Zahar (BLR 144), 3. Yyujie Wang (CHN 107) .  ... 6. Kseniia Kishubaieva (UKR 38) , ... 10. Denys Nechaiev (UKR 33), 11. Ihor Denysiuk (UKR 37) 


Photos of day 5 by

Photos of day 5