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In April the traditional Pichlingersee regatta was organised by fine team of HSV Linz /ZV Ennssdorf.

10-11.04 the races is Mini 40 trimarans were held. 4 boats from Austria and Germany competed. I came at the end of the second racing day and saw the fun of these races in a quite changing wind conditions.

Photos of the Mini 40 second day

The winner was Peter Gernert GER 86

Second place (missing first day of regatta and winning almost all races of day 2) Eric Gielen AUT 33

Third place Hauer Verner AUT 152

And fourth Josef Feiler AUT 35


12-13.04 Tenrater class races were performed at Pichlingersee regatta.

18 competitors from 7 countries took part.

There was a light wind and 15 races were performed in one heat. 10 races - first day, and 5 races - the second.

Photos and videos from first day Tenrater class

Photos and videos from second day Tenrater class

The results were following:

From the beginning Jens Amenda took leadership, I was second, Andrii Koval - third. Then, at the end of a day 1 Laszlo Csoka almost reached Jens, I was third, right after me - Valentin Fuchs. Andrii was 5th. Next day was won by Laszlo, I succeeded in last race after 3rd redress to overcome Jens. Third year in a row Ukrainians take 2nd place in this class at Pichlingersee - this is a good tradition, I think.



14-15.04.2016 the races in F5-E/IOM class were held.

51 competitors from 8 countries took part.  8 races in 3 fleets were held during two days. 

Photos and videos of the first day F5-E/IOM class

Photos and videos of the second day F5-E/IOM class


 The wind was mainly in the high range of rig A. The competition was very tight. 

The final results are following:



Marblehead class races were held during final days of regatta - 16 and 17 of April. This was also second stage of Europa Cup set of regattas.

38 competitors from 11 countries competed in 2 heats

First day there was a light wind. Second day started with top B rig conditions and ended also with A rig races.

Photos and videos of the first day of Marblehead class

Photos and videos of the second day of Marblehead class

11 races in two heats were held. 6 during first day, 5 - during second day.

And after 2 discards final results were following:

I had a bad first day with a lot of races spoiled by some reasons not depending on me - like grass, mark line and contacts. After that day I was at 13th position. Second day was better, but I succeeded only to reach 8 position.

However, there is some positive even in this situation, because after 2 regattas I possess now 2nd ranking in Europa Cup Competition.