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Foundation Gurtom and webshop have organized 26.03.16 a fun event in Skymall, Kiev.

8 participants from Cherkassy, Odessa and Kiev competed in Dragon Force 65 class in small pool inside a shopping mall according to the rules of match races.

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And the results are as follows:

round robin:

1. Kadantsev Andrii  6 wins

2. Sharaburov Illia   4 wins

3. Koval Andrii         4 wins

4. Kishubaiev Timur  4 wins

5. Maksymenko Illia  4 wins

6. Koval Dmytro       3 wins

7. Muslimov Oleg      3 wins

8. Kalyuzhny Valerii  0 wins


Final races:

Kadantsev Andrii - Sharaburov Illia 0:2

So the winner is - SHARABUROV ILLIA