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10-11 of October there was a Second Odessa Radiosailing Cup competitions. This time we had two foreign guests from Austria - Gerald Oberreiter (NAVIGA World Vice-Chamion 2015) and Silvio Schedenig. In Total, 12 competitors competed in F5-E//IOM class in one heat. I didn't compete, I was organizer and race-officer. The weather was a bit rainy and windy.

First day there were top rig A conditions. The second day were top rig B conditions.


From the beginning top three skippers - Andrii Kadantsev, Andrii Koval and Gerald Oberreiter beat all the others in almost each race. 

First day 10 races stable high results let Andrii Kadantsev UKR 42 win, and Andrii Koval UKR 37 take 2nd position right behind him. Gerald, competing with UKR 34 boat won last day 2 races and took 3rd position. The same three boats, but in different order as it was year before, are on the podium. 



Congratulations to all our winners and participants!

Hope to see you all next year!