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During Saturday and Sunday there were 14 races of F5-M Class performed at Attersee regatta 2014. 17 competitors took part and they competed in one group.

Saturday the weather was sunny and the wind was light. Only 6 races performed during all the day.


Photos of the 3rd day


Sunday began with the rain, and it rained many times during first half of the day. However - the wind was stronger - from 1 to 4 m/s and until 14:00 8 races were performed.


Congratulation to the winners of F5-M class:

1. Timur Kishubaiev UKR 34, Ukraine

2. Gerald Oberreiter AUT 20, Austria

3. Hermann Etzel GER 20, Germany

 Kseniia Kishubaieva UKR 38 was the only one junior at the regatta, but she sailed well and took 12th place in F5-M Class. 

Final standings:


Also, the final standings of Alpen Adria Cup 2014 were calculated (a serie of 3 regattas - Cavazzo 2014, Pichlingersee 2014, Attersee 2014):

Congratulation to winners:

1. Gerald Oberreiter AUT 20, Austria

2. Karl Heinz Buchegger AUT 79, Austria

3. Timur Kishubaiev UKR 34, Ukraine


 Photos of the 4th day