Kremenchug Sea Cup 2020

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First stage of Ukrainian Cup "Kremenchug Sea Cup 2020" took place on 2-6 of July 2020 in Cherkassy. 16 competitors from Cherkassy, Odessa, Mykolayiv and Kyiv took part.
Team ranking: І place - Cherkassy region "OO TSOU"; ІІ place - Cherkassy region  - "CDUT Cherkassy": ІІІ place - Odessa team.
INdividual rankings: Andrii Kadantsev - 1st places in classes F5-10 and F5-Е, Nechayev Igor -І place in class F5-P, III places in classes F5-10 and F5-Е, Koval Dmytro - ІІ place in class F5-P, Koval Andrii - ІІ place in class F5-Е and ІІІ place in class F5-P, Nechayev Oleg - ІІ place in class F5-10,
Junior first places in all classes were gained by Nechayev Denys. Kotenko Denys - ІІ place in F5-P class and ІІ place in F5-Е class, Pavelko Oleksandr - ІІ place in F5-Е class, Bystryi Dmytro - ІІІ place in class F5-P.
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Ukrainian Nationals 2019, Odessa

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On 11-14th of October Ukrainian Nationals in radiosailing 2019 took place in Odessa at the Black Sea sailing club harbour.

First day was F5-10 class racing with light wind.  

And the results were as follows:


1 racing day at Facebook


Second day there were races in F5-M/Marblehead class. The wind was shift but blew more than in first day.



At first, there were 5 races for juniors under Pan-Ukrainian school youth championship. 

The results were as follows:

Then, there were 8 races within UA Nationals program. The results were as follows:



2 racing day at Facebook


13th of October there was F5-E / IOM class racing day at UA Nationals.


At first there were 5 races for juniors within Pan-Ukrainian school Youth championship.


 And then 10 races within UA nationals.


The weather was similar to yesterday. The wind was shifty and changed its force in whole range of rig A. Races were tight, interesting and low predictable. 


3 racing day at Facebook


14th of October there was final racing day. 5 races were held in F5-P class and then 5 races for seniors in Dragon Force 65 class (with changing the boats each race) and 5 races for juniors. 



Results were as follows:



Congratulations to Cherkassy region team that won team ranking!!

4 racing day at Facebook 








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Attersee regatta 2019

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13-15th of September 2019 on prettiest lake Attersee in Austria the traditional Attersee regatta took place. This year only 3 days with one day for Marblehead class and 2 days for IOM/F5-E class.

13th of September F5-M class races were held. 17 competitors from Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and Ukraine.

Light wind conditions were very friendly to our Skalpels with light bulbs on, so Ukrainians took all the podium this day. Andrii Kadantsev was a little bit better than me this day, but I was more lucky. Our duel was very tight till last race, but last race he had weed and that's why I managed to be  first in overall.

Final results are as follows:




First day Attersee regatta at Facebook by Andrii Koval

First day Attersee regatta at Facebook by HSV Linz/ ZV Ennsdorf


 14-15 of September 2019 IOM/F5E class races were held at Attersee regatta. 23 competitors from Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and Ukraine took part. 

They were divided onto 2 heats managed by MSS system.

First day the wind was tricky within all range of A rig. 7 full races succeeded in this day. Almost all time in each heat 4-6 boats were fighting very tight for first places.  

Second day light wind and only 2 full races succeeded.

Results are as follows:


F5E/IOM class at Facebook by HSV Linz/ZV Ennsdorf 


Photos of Attersee regatta





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