First racing day in F5-10 class. 39 competitors (28 seniors and 11 juniors) took part. HMS system with 3 fleets and 4 boats promoted in the same race applied. Ukrainian team in this class was presented by Andrii Kadantsev (UKR 242), Timur Kishubaiev (UKR 34), Andrii Koval (UKR 135) and juniors Kseniia Kishubaieva (UKR 38), Denys Nechaiev (UKR 33), Ihor Denysiuk (UKR 37).

The wind was light and those who had more sail area performed better in these conditions, especially downwind. 3 full races and B and C fleet of race 4 were held on first day. Race 4 Heat A was held but cancelled following protest from HUN 31 who hanged before starting signal with other boat. So, after 3 full races Csoka Laszlo Junior (HUN 23) and Gong Qunxing (CHN 98) with 5 points became leaders. Next to them with 15 points were Jens Amenda (GER 124) and Yong Liang (CHN 10). Ukrainian sportsmen stood as follows: 7. Andrii Kadantsev 19 points; 11. Timur Kishubaiev 25 points; 15. Andrii Koval 34 points.

Juniors standings at after 3 races were following: 1-2. Jiacheng Zhang (CHN 16) and Zhicheng Jin (CHN 37) - 50 points; 3. Tatarkin Mikhail (RUS 16) - 60 points; ... 5. Kishubaieva Kseniia (UKR 38) - 66 points; ... 8. Denysiuk Ihor (UKR 37) - 79 points; ... 11. Nechaiev Denys (UKR 33) - 87 points.


PHOTOS of day 3 by Compassmagazin.hu

PHOTOS of day 3




01-02.05.2017 the competitors were coming to the Championship, registering and making measurements. All the registration process was well-planned and ended in time till the end of second day. At the same time competitors trained a lot to be common with the venue and fine tune their boats.

At the end of second day a meeting of the national team leaders was held, where the sailing instructions were presented in details.

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