Today was the final day of Pichlingersee regatta 2014. The weather was sunny. The wind was light at the beginning, at the end somebody wore B rig. There were 5 races in both heats, so finally there were 10 races in marblehead with two excluded.


The winners of F5-M class are:

1st  Timur Kishubaiev, UKR 34

2nd - 3rd Max Lehmann, GER 25 

2nd - 3rd Martin Kohlicek, CZE 9


Before the last race nobody knew who will be in what place. First 5-7 competitors had chances to win regatta.

Max Lehmann won the last race in heat A, and I won the last race in heat B. I'm very happy for such success. It's the first time when Ukrainian rc-sailor wins the competitions at such high level.

Dmytro Koval had a stable 5-8 places in each heat except for two excluded, that let him take a very good 15th place and 5 points in combination. Congratulations!

Illia Sharaburov also showed stable results, but mainly in the second half of the heat finishers with best place 7. And his 22th place is also much better than year before. Congratulations!  Nevertheless, you were the only one junior on these competitions, you merit the Cup that you received. 

Final results in F5-M are following:

Results in each heat:

Andrii Koval has merited a high mark for his job as race officer from Organizers. It was also the first time when Ukrainian referee worked on the rc-yachts competitions of such level.



In combination Pichlingersee regatta 2014 the winners are:

1st  Max Lehmann, GER 25

2nd Timur Kishubaiev, UKR 34

3rd  Martin Kohlicek, CZE 9

The full combination results are following:


So, finally, our team has showed an excellent result never seen before. I think we can make it better and of course will do it. But now, we did a very good job, and are happy that Ukraine now is well-known in Europe not only due its political situation, but due to results of its competitors. Thank you all, guys!

For me personnaly, it was the best event ever. I want to thank to my family and my friends that helped me to make it happen.


And finally, I want to thank the Organizers, that have worked a lot to make this event happen and succeeded very well in it. Thank you very much for your warm hospitality. You make a great contribution to improve the friendship between nations!

Photos of last day