Today the third day of Pichlingersee regatta. We were sailing F5-E class. The weather was sunny, and the wind was stable for A rig, sometimes for B rig. There were 39 competitors divided onto 2 heats. 

Congratulations to winners F5-E class!

1st Peter Nehera, CZE 34

2nd Max Lehmann, GER 125

3rd Martin Kohlicek CZE 09


I have gained a 6th place. I have won 3 races, in one I was 2nd. I had a chances to be among Top 3 (it will be sufficient only one more good race), but some mistakes in tactics and performance didn't let me to get better result. However, this is also a good result and I'm glad.

Andrii Koval was 18th. He tried a new Goth boat of own production. The boat is very competitive, but has to be trimmed and tuned for different wind conditions. When the wind was not very strong for A rig, this boat showed a very good performance with few 2nd places. 

Illia Sharaburov was 25th. He has tought to have a good starts. He has won a lot of it. His boat performed well in these conditions, so, few times we saw him among top 3 on the second mark. However, he needs more experience to keep these achievements until finish of the race. In all cases, congratulations with good job.

Dmytro Koval was 32th. His boat didn't perform well in these conditions. A rig was too hard to it, but the change in wind speed didnt let B rig to be successful against A rig of other boats. However, Dmytro had some good races too.

Full results:

Today’s photos you may find here.