Two years passed from our previous big IRSA event in lake Garda in Italy, and the next Tenrater World Championship was held in a beautiful venue of Biblis sailing club in Germany. With the same team and almost the same boats, we tried to improve our results in a different weather conditions with light winds and no waves.

After 2 days of traveling by car, on 22.05 in the late evening we came to our accommodation and in the morning of 23.05 went to the venue in Biblis.  All the day of 23.05 passed in measurements and trainings. 

Video of day 0

First day we waited half a day for the wind, and finally got it. After qualification race me and Andrey Kadantsev went to A fleet, Andrey Koval had an issue with rudder servo and fell to C fleet. Then we stayed all in same fleet after race 2. I race 3 I went main part of the race at 3 position, Andrey Kadantsev was somewhere near, but then we both had a weed. I was lucky to stay in A fleet, Andrey fell down.

Video of day 1

Second day. Some races were moved to lake B. It was not so convenient as lake A to sail there due to long way to travel onshore. Also I had an unfair protest against me and after it fell in fleet B, and passed race 6 in B fleet. Andrey Kadantsev fell in C fleet and stayed there. Andrey Koval promoted one time to B fleet, and then fell down back again. At the end of the day I finally managed to promote and stay in fleet A.

Video of day 2

Third day. We had 2 more races. I fell in B fleet in race 8 and in last race had a redress of an average result. Finally my 17th position was a good result in such a strong fleet. Andrey Kadantsev took 32th place and Andrey Koval 45th place. Meanwhile, the fight on top was very tight till the final day. Brad Gibson (GBR 42) was the more stable and was unreachable before the final race. World Campion 2016 defended his title very well in 2018. Christophe Boisnault (FRA 13) won final race and become 2nd  improving from his 3rd position in 2016. Matteo Longhi (ITA 24) became 3rd and Graham Bantock (GBR 95) - 4th with a very little points difference from 2nd and 3rd.

Video of day 3

Final results

Photos of the event

More photos

More videos

Racing videos by UKR team

This was a very well organized and memorable event. It was pleasant to communicate with so many good talented people from all over the world inspired by radiosailing.





11.05.17 races in F5-M class started. 52 competitors - 43 seniors and 9 juniors. 4 fleets HMS system with 4 boats promoted in the same race.

Ukraine was represented by:

Timur Kishubaiev (UKR 34), Andrii Kadantsev (UKR 42), Igor Nechaiev (UKR 32), Dmytro Koval (UKR 50) and juniors Denys Nehaiev (UKR 33) and Ihor Denysiuk (UKR 37)

Andrii Koval was Race Officer for this class.

 The day started with topA - B rig conditions and then the wind calmed to A rig.

2 full races held plus D and C fleet of race 3.

After 2 races standings were as follows:

1-2 Laszlo Csoka-junior (HUN 23)  and Jan Springer (POL 100) - 3 points, 3. Andrii Kadantsev (UKR 42) 5 points, ... 8. Timur Kishubaiev  (UKR 34) 11 points, ... 15. Li Bolin (CHN 58) 19 points - 1st between juniors, ... 18. Dmytro Koval (UKR 50) - 25 points, ... 20. Igor nechaiev (UKR 32) - 28 points, ... 24. Mikhail Tatarkin (RUS 16) 30 points - 2nd between juniors, ... 35. Zakhar Misiakov (BLR 144) 44 points - 3rd between juniors, ... 37. Ihor Denysiuk (UKR 37) 46 points - 4th between juniors, ... 47. Denys Nechaiev (UKR 33) 59 points - 8th between juniors.


Photos of day 11 by Viktor Weber

Photos of day 11 by Kalmandy Ferenc 





12.05.17 2nd racing day in F5-M class.

Rig A conditions. 5 full races completed at the end of the day.

After 5 races with one discard standings were interestingly mixed as follows:

1-3 Laszlo Csoka-junior (HUN 23), Martin Kohlicek (CZE 09) and Xuan Dongbo (CHN 02) - 13 points, 4. Andrii Kadantsev (UKR 42) 14 points, 5-6 Jan Springer (POL 100) and Gong QunXing (CHN 98) 18 points ... 8. Timur Kishubaiev  (UKR 34) 21 points, ... 18. Li Bolin (CHN 58) 54 points - 1st between juniors, ... 21. Igor Nechaiev (UKR 32) 64 points, 22. Dmytro Koval (UKR 50) 68 points, 23. Chen Jiaqi (CHN 15) 76 points - 2nd between juniors, ... 27. Mikhail Tatarkin (RUS 16) 88 points - 3rd between juniors, ... 46. Ihor Denysiuk (UKR 37) 138 points - 7th between juniors, ... 49. Denys Nechaiev (UKR 33) 151 points - 8th between juniors.

I had a weed in last race, so next day had to start in fleet B.


Photos of day 12 by Kalmandy Ferenc